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What Our Customers Are Saying

See what our customers and partners are saying about how BlackRidge addresses their cyber security challenges and the benefits from partnering with us.

We are pleased to leverage BlackRidge Technology in our managed services and assessment services practices to bring a new level of protection that stops network scanning, reconnaissance and unauthenticated access to our client’s networks.
Ondrej Krehel
CEO and Founder, LIFARS
AS Global prides itself on the cyber security solutions it brings to our DOD, Civilian Government, NATO and international customers. BlackRidge Technology’s ability to “cloak” critical IT assets in Enterprise and Coalition environments is a core function.
Tanvi Skiba
CEO, AS Global
With BlackRidge, not only are we able to stop intruders from using secured network segments, they will not be able to see the castle. No approach, no breach. The BlackRidge solution represents a new way to look at cybersecurity.
Bill Thirsk
VP of Information Technology and CIO, Marist College
BlackRidge allows you to reject unwanted TCP connections quickly and cheaply. This not only avoids wasting computer cycles on intruders, it prevents them from acquiring information about the implementation of your system.
Whit Diffie
BlackRidge Advisor and Cryptography Pioneer
BlackRidge represents the next major advance in cyber security towards a resilient enterprise that optimizes and protects services. BlackRidge First Packet Authentication provides pres-session cryptographic authentication of network sessions.
Robert Lentz
President and CEO, Cyber Security Strategies, LLC
Our partnership with BlackRidge Technology enables even greater visibility and control into high value cyber security assets, providing enhanced visibility and greater insight for IBM z Systems.
Mark Precious
President, Carbon Helix
With the veracity of cyber-attacks occurring globally, the new paradigm of identity-based cyber security developed by BlackRidge Technology is integral to attaining a new level of network security.
Bill Thirsk
VP of Information Technology and CIO, Marist College
BlackRidge provides a new level of identity-based security that addresses a key security vulnerability that is inherent in all networks, including SDN and cloud networks.
David Peed
Senior Vice President of IncrediTek, Inc.
With the dramatic increase in attacks, we must be relentless in finding and supporting innovative solutions. The SINET 16 Innovator Awards and SINET Showcase offer an unprecedented opportunity to highlight superior advanced solutions, such as BlackRidge.
Robert Rodriguez
Chairman and Founder, SINET