Is Your Network Security Keeping up With Your Business Transformation?

By Rob Hubbard, Director of Partner Development

How Digital Transformation Affects Your Future

There has been a serious security breach, your latest billion-dollar investment just left the building electronically and the planned corporate financing event is likely going to be on hold. Having invested heavily in cyber security your reaction may be somewhat of disbelief and your Risk Management policies and Incident response plans all seem worthless. You are in damage control for your brand and the financial loss will be significant in real terms. Your proprietary data is now out in the wild for sale on the dark web.

This scenario is today playing out all over the globe affecting all aspects of our lives in small and large ways. We are all affected by digital transformation which is enabling new business models and driving change in every facet of business. Its impact for home and businesses is profound. With constant attacks on networks today, from ransomware like WannaCry, DDoS attacks from Mirai and the multitude of their derivatives, there has to be a better way to protect your high value assets on your networks and cloud services.

Cyber Kill Chain

As any healthcare expert will tell you, prevention is better than cure and the security industry continues to depict this as one of the primary approaches to network security. The Gartner Adaptive Security Architecture represents the four stages of Prevent, Detect, Respond and Predict to address for protection from advanced attacks starting with prevention.

The Cyber Kill Chain® framework from Lockheed Martin also provides a good basis for how attacks happen, and how to prevent them at every key phase. With more than 98% of attacks coming from the public facing Internet we need to prevent network port scanning and reconnaissance and lock down the initial attempt to access your critical and valuable assets. The initial reconnaissance phase can be stopped, and we can control the compromise phase of exploitation where data exfiltration is all too common.

Networks and Clouds are Open and Inherently Insecure

The Internet protocols were built to be open and that open-door policy exposes data and services and allows attackers to access resources. As digital transformation becomes more pervasive and the Internet of things takes hold there is a projected explosion of interconnected systems, from Business to Business, distributed transaction ledgers (blockchains) to the Skynet of Machine to Machine and self-learning AI systems. The number of devices are predicted to reach 21 Billion end points by the 2020’s according to Gartner.

Embrace New Cyber Defenses and Take Back Control

To prevent the first phase of cyber-attacks, port scanning and reconnaissance, we take a fresh approach to cyber defense. We all welcome people we know into our homes, but rarely would we let strangers come checkout the rooms and floor plan in person. This is analogous to how today’s Internet works for network and cloud security - the front door is open, no key or code needed, just come on in and browse around the house.

At BlackRidge, we have pioneered a new approach to cyber defenses that stops cyber-attacks by blocking unauthenticated access, including network port scanning and reconnaissance. Inside your data centers, BlackRidge can further provide micro-segmentation with identity-based access controls to block or allow network connections to your servers. This defines which rooms your guests are authorized to visit once you decide to let them in your home.

Stop by our recent briefing on Digital Transformation – Is Your Network Security Keeping Up? with our partner LRS IT Solutions. In this informative webinar, you will learn about the network and cloud security challenges and risks in transforming environments, how to mitigate and eliminate these new risks through micro-segmentation and isolation of services, and BlackRidge’s approach to network segmentation and stopping cyber-attacks.

If you would like a direct briefing from BlackRidge or LRS, please contact us – we’d be happy to discuss our next generation cyber defense solution that stops cyber-attacks and blocks unauthenticated access, putting you back in control of your network security.