Next Generation Security Architecture for IoT and Blockchain Infrastructure

by Mike Miracle, SVP Marketing and Strategy

The Internet of Things (IoT) introduces new cyber-attack vectors where we have seen consumer IoT devices hacked and infected with malware and used to launch massive botnet attacks. The automation and scale of these attacks not only highlights basic vulnerabilities in the security of IoT devices, it also brings to the forefront the vulnerability and volatility of our Internet infrastructure in general. We discussed this in an earlier blog on Cyber Security Predictions and the Industrial IoT.

This does not bode well for the Industrial Internet of Things and Smart Cities initiatives that manufacturers are pursuing with a frenzy. The same vulnerabilities that governments and enterprise have been addressing for years also exist with IoT devices and their cloud services. It is amazing that we are doomed to repeat the learning process here again, given security has not been in the forefront for IoT device vendors.

Besides these well-known and exploited vulnerabilities, IoT devices must also interface to cloud- based management and analytics engines, typically using a TCP/IP stack for this communication. This is where BlackRidge fits in, with our endpoint software designed to augment a device’s TCP/IP stack with very little overhead, providing authentication to cloud services.

BlackRidge was founded and initially funded by the US DoD to address one of the key vulnerabilities in the Internet - that network connections do not require authentication - leaving servers and networks exposed to port scanning and attacks.  BlackRidge Transport Access Control (TAC) enhances TCP, the main Internet protocol, and closes this vulnerability by using cryptographic identity tokens to authenticate TCP/IP requests before a network session is fully established. No conversation takes place unless the party requesting a connection displays a pre-arranged shared secret as part of its initial approach.

To learn more about how important new cyber defense technologies like BlackRidge will be to securing the Industrial IoT and blockchains, please read the following white paper: A Next Generation Security Architecture for IoT and Blockchain Infrastructure.

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