Ready, set, go

Lights, camera, action! Get ready, get set, go! Ready, aim, fire! There are many statements that convey the expression of movement, or a march. In these expressions the first command is the signal, the second command is the alignment and the third command is the result.

In 2008 the phrase cyber security breach was one of the most printed headlines and talked about topics in the news media: the great Georgian cyberwar, China accused of sponsoring cyber attacks, to name a few.  More than just cyber breach headlines, trending technologies like deep packet inspection and electronic identity standards were being created and accepted, network security was an issue.  But who was really paying attention? It was then, armed with a granted patent our founders, set out to build a team that would create world-class products.  BlackRidge was founded, our signal.

Over the past few years, we managed to fund ourselves through prototyping and demonstration projects we secured from the US government.  These prototypes and early demonstrations gave us the feedback and leverage we needed to grow our business.   With conviction, we took our prototyping and visionary thoughts to a new level by seeking out commercial advisors to validate use cases, which we have now aligned to enter the third expression.

Today, we announce our result, our first product, BlackRidge Eclipse™.  This is our product entrance into offering a new way for customers to think about and deploy Identity Aware Networks.

What is BlackRidge Eclipse?
BlackRidge Eclipse is a software based Identity Aware Networking solution. Eclipse is packaged, as a 1U rack-mountable network device or a virtual machine that implements patented Transport Access Control (TAC). It is the only device that can stop a would-be cyber intruder in their tracks, while at the same time permit all authenticated and authorized traffic to access network resources.

BlackRidge Eclipse is based on a much-needed “Caller ID” equivalent for networks. Just as Caller ID sends the subscriber number along with the incoming telephone ring, TAC embeds user and/or device Identity into the first packet of every TCP/IP session. And just as Caller ID allows calls to be accepted or not based on the identity of the caller, TAC enables visibility and access to networked applications to be controlled based on user and device Identity.

BlackRidge Eclipse is specifically designed to be compatible with existing network, device and application infrastructure, eliminating the need for a forklift upgrade of the infrastructure.

We are ready.  We set out to solve business problems by developing our first product with our patented technology. And now, our energy is entering the marketplace, go!  Are you ready, set, go?