Security Industry at an Inflection Point

By BlackRidge

The security industry is at an inflection point, where the explosion of mobile and cloud computing is now outpacing the fortress-style model of security (perimeters and defense-in-depth), and attackers have increasingly larger attack surfaces with more resources at their disposal. This key inflection point and therefore unique investment opportunity with BlackRidge is to fully embrace identity, and an identity authentication and policy platform, that works with both the old world and in the brave new world.   While identity has been embraced metaphorically as the “new perimeter” as reflected in the recent Dark Reading article, identity is only interpreted and understood at the business application layer, and not end-to-end.  This is not sufficient for establishing trust in the new environment of public multi-tenant clouds that our business, government and military applications are rapidly moving towards. BlackRidge extends the use of identity to the network layer, addressing this fundamental problem of establishing trust in way that is both backwards compatible. 

Current and past approaches to adding identity awareness to the network (such as NAC and 802.1x, and NGFW content inspection) should be viewed as product innovations that are being applied to an existing market.  They ultimately have limited ability to scale and they do not address the Internet’s security weakness at a fundamental level, which is the lack of authentication at the network layer.   BlackRidge TAC is a disruptive platform innovation, providing capabilities not previously thought to be possible.  We have validated our unique, backwards compatible and patented technology with the DoD and with leading enterprises.  These early adaptors know that today’s security stack cannot work at the speed of today’s computing and with the amount of data accessed or the interconnectivity of networks.

Our first set of products, based on our patented TAC technology, focuses on authenticating client access to network resources.  We are adding to that by applying identity awareness to the cloud and SDN resources of the rapidly evolving data center. This adds strong security to virtual resources without relying on fragile topology centric solutions. The big new market opportunity is securing public, multi-tenant cloud-based applications. As BlackRidge gets funded to fully develop our vision, we will continue to innovate our platform in these and related cyber security market opportunities.  There is already strong demand and a sizable market opportunity to address identity-oriented analytics and real-time situational awareness, which our platform can generate.

Technology and industry inflection points can be easily seen in hindsight. They are very difficult to identify in the moment, and we believe that this is one of those moments. Today’s security stack is not sufficient to stop cyber attacks and it is only getting worse in the in the new world of mobile and cloud computing and the Internet of Everything.  The anonymous Internet needs to embrace using identity to establish trust. BlackRidge is a platform innovation within an existing market and a disruption innovation for the large new market opportunity of mobile and cloud computing.