Security Technology Deployment at the Speed of Light with Ciena Agility Matrix

By Doug Johnson, Senior Director of Solution Engineering

You’ve all heard the expression technology moves at the speed of light.  Technology deployment, however, moves more at a super snail’s pace.  This is not due to complacency, laziness, or any other negative term that you could argue should never exist in your datacenter. It happens because as our networks grow to do more things so does deployment complexity.  
Consider a small web hosting site. They have a web server, an email server (not from the same web server vendor), a firewall, a database, and  a user identity system. Are you streaming movies?  Let’s add in digital content servers. The list goes on and on.  Now along comes this great new technology that will revolutionize the web hosting business.  But it is new…brand new.  Someone has to learn it…that means training, even if it is to go buy and read a book.  And someone has to set it up.  They can’t risk to disrupt their day to day business so the need to test this while everything else is running is crucial. Do they have the resources?  Or even the time?
In recent times several companies have tried to solve this new technology adoption problem.  Some have come close, but usually the solutions only work for a specific market. Today BlackRidge Technology, the world’s only First Packet Authentication security system, is working with Ciena to help solve this problem. Leveraging the Ciena Agility Matrix, a virtual cloud network in a box so to speak, that runs on a powerful server that Ciena provides. Turnkey hardware to run new technology…check.  Plus the Ciena Agility Matrix orchestration tool handles all the cloud setup issues including assigning IP addresses, setting up network routes, even turning the Virtual Network Function on.  Knowledge to deploy new technology…check.  
BlackRidge Technology has integrated our patented network security technology with the Ciena Agility Matrix. Testing complex end-to-end use cases, end-to-end and defining the work flows to get you up and running in no time. This means you can secure your most critical resources with military grade network security without the complexity of having to deploy and configure physical hardware in your datacenter.
Did I mention this is all done via virtual machines? Save power….check. Save rack space….check. Have you ever deployed an appliance solution and realized one day that you are near capacity?  Then it is a race to see if you can contact your sales rep, procure additional appliances, have them shipped to you, install them in your datacenter, and integrate them into your network before your business exceeds your IT capacity. I once ran a test on the process to deploy a physical appliance (with all the steps listed here) vs deploying an additional virtual machine. The former process took, on average, 4-6 weeks. The latter took 5 minutes.
BlackRidge Technology + Ciena Agility Matrix = the ability to deploy new technology, on demand, without deployment complexity. Coolness factor….check.