Who Is Watching You?

Who is watching you?  Are you being monitored?  No, this question isn’t about watching and monitoring you, the computer user; rather it is regarding the Internet and digital properties. 

And the answer is, yes! Your networks and network resources can and are being scanned and monitored by botnets, malware and other organizational evil-doers. 

Network scanning and reconnaissance is different from the traffic monitoring by the NSA that has recently been a staple of front-page news.  Network scanning is the active probing of networks and network resources to find out what resources are present and determine to which attacks and compromises those resources may be vulnerable.

There are some real world analogs to both traffic monitoring and network scanning.

  • In the real world, traffic monitoring is similar to hiring a private detective to follow you around and chronicles your actions; find out what store you are visiting, what time you leave your house and possibly photographing you at specific locations or when you are with other people. While monitoring is intrusive and violates your privacy, it still respects some boundaries that are regularly violated by network scanning. 
  • A real world analog of network scanning is someone who is jiggling the locked back door of a store or is checking to see if a window has been left unlocked.  If I am a shopkeeper, then I welcome my customers who enter through the front door, even if I do not know them.  I do not welcome miscreants, thieves and vandals who break in from the rear. 
  • The same can be said regarding websites and cloud services; coming to any public page is welcomed and thanks to social media, encouraged, but scanning the site for backdoor accesses is not.  This surveillance and testing is a precursor to malicious activity. 

Providing next generation security capability, BlackRidge defends against scanning and network reconnaissance and protects your online digital resources. By establishing a chain of explicit trust across networks and cloud domains, cloud and application security is greatly improved and can be simplified and reduced. With our patented solution, computing is less dangerous, less expensive and less vulnerable to cyber-attack.