BlackRidge Technology Partners with Atrion Communications to Deliver Enhanced Cybersecurity Solutions to Customers

Cyber defense products to feature in Atrion Cyber Innovation Center showcasing new security solutions

RENO, Nev. – Nov. 08, 2018 – BlackRidge Technology International, Inc. (OTCQB: BRTI), a leading provider of next-generation cyber defense solutions, is partnering with Atrion Communications, a full-service information security and technology consulting firm, to bring enhanced cybersecurity solutions to Atrion’s customers.

BlackRidge products will extend Atrion’s cybersecurity solutions portfolio and be featured in the Atrion Cyber Innovation Center, an interactive cybersecurity solution center where a set of integrated and robust technologies allow customers to see a holistic cybersecurity solution in action.

BlackRidge’s adaptive cyber defense technology authenticates users and devices in the very first packet of a network session, before a connection is established, and greenlights trusted users and blocks or redirects unauthorized or anonymous traffic. The solution allows organizations to enforce access rules, implement microsegmentation policies, and cloak networks and other assets to prevent scanning and probing by cyber-attackers.

“BlackRidge is committed to a channel strategy that includes enlisting best-of-breed solution partners like Atrion Communications to deliver our advanced cyber defense solutions to the market,” said Bill Joll, head of worldwide sales at BlackRidge Technology. “The Atrion partnership will simplify and expedite the procurement of BlackRidge solutions for Atrion’s customers by allowing their customers to test and simulate protection against cyber threats using the realistic customer environments in Atrion’s Cyber Innovation Center.”

“Since our founding in 1985, Atrion has partnered with top technology providers that drive innovation, like BlackRidge Technology,” said Dom Grillo, president of Atrion Communications. “As technology and customers’ needs have evolved, we’ve continuously adapted to meet those needs. The latest evolution has been the expansion of our cybersecurity solutions portfolio, as well as the rollout of additional services focused on security program development. The partnership with BlackRidge will help us further strengthen our customers’ cybersecurity programs.”

“BlackRidge Technology’s pedigree was forged in military operations that require a high degree of protection,” said Richard Moore, chief information security officer at Atrion Communications. “The BlackRidge solution represents a new way to look at cybersecurity: defending servers, networks, industrial control systems and cloud platforms by establishing pre-session cryptographic authentication and essentially cloaking the network architecture from potential attackers. BlackRidge allows CXOs to deploy a proven technology that is flexible enough to meet most business technology objectives and cybersecurity strategies.”

About Atrion Communications
Atrion Communication Resources, Inc., is a veteran-owned full-service information security and technology consulting firm, founded in 1985 by Pat Grillo. Atrion’s mission is to ensure a secure world where all can operate with peace of mind, knowing their data is protected with a cohesive strategy and the industry’s most innovative technology. Headquartered in Branchburg, New Jersey, Atrion services companies across all vertical markets, with a focus on medium to large enterprise businesses in the northeastern United States.

About BlackRidge Technology
BlackRidge Technology provides an adaptive cyber defense solution that enables our customers to deliver more secure and resilient business services in today’s rapidly evolving technology and cyberthreat environments. The BlackRidge Adaptive Trust solution provides end-to-end security that proactively isolates cloud services, protects servers and segments networks. Our patented First Packet Authentication technology authenticates user and device identity and enforces security policy on the first packet of a network session. This new level of real-time protection blocks or redirects unidentified and unauthorized traffic to stop attacks and unauthorized access. BlackRidge was founded in 2010 to commercialize its military-grade and patented network security technology. For more information, visit

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