BlackRidge Technology Demonstrates Identity Aware Networking and Security Appliance With 100G Interfaces

Demonstration performed at QTS CTE Lab verifies performance of industry’s fastest identity networking security gateway

Santa Clara, CA – September 17, 2014 – BlackRidge Technology, the identity-based network security company, today announced that its 100G Eclipse Gateway, an Identity Aware Networking solution that performs first packet authentication of network sessions, exceeded performance expectations for 100G networks when demonstrated in the Continuous Transformation Environment (CTE) Lab at the Quality Technical Services (QTS) facility in Sandston, VA. This externally monitored demonstration, supported by i2 Sentinel Associates, showed the Eclipse Gateway’s high throughput and low latency—critical capabilities for an in-line network security and filtering device—in authenticating network sessions and applying security policy, confirming the 100G Eclipse as the industry’s fastest identity networking security gateway.

“The CTE Center for Research was formed for the purpose of collaborating on innovative, cost-effective, and timely new solutions to address the nation's most difficult technology challenges,” explained Tom Preston, Chairman and CEO of CTE Center for Research, and CEO of i2 Sentinel. “In the QTS CTE lab, we are pleased to have supported BlackRidge Technology in demonstrating their innovative Identity Aware Networking solution that exceeds the high throughput security requirements of 100G enterprise networks.”

BlackRidge applies identity at the transport layer, providing a breakthrough cybersecurity solution that cloaks and protects servers and network resources against unauthorized access and awareness. A key application of the BlackRidge 100G Eclipse Gateway is to reduce network and security stack costs by filtering out unidentified and unauthorized network traffic at data center ingress points.

Industry experience has shown that networks typically operate at 60% to 70% of their maximum capacity. During the demonstration at the CTE lab, a fully integrated 100G Eclipse Gateway operated at full interface speed with a traffic throughput significantly above normal operating levels. The Eclipse Gateway demonstration was also supported by IBM and Cisco networking hardware and Ixia test equipment.

“We are excited about meeting this major milestone in our company’s history by demonstrating the high throughput and low latency of our patented Transport Access Control technology for applying and authenticating identity in networks,” said John Hayes, CTO of BlackRidge Technology. “This is a breakthrough in enterprise and cloud security protection that is sorely needed to withstand the escalating and advanced cyber-attacks.”

The first deployed 100G Eclipse Gateway will ship with trunked 10x10G Ethernet interfaces, followed by native 40G and 100G Ethernet. Along with 1G, 10G, and VMware virtual appliance gateways, these configurations allow the Eclipse Gateway to be deployed in a variety of security stack and infrastructure configurations, from virtual environments to telecom speeds of more than 100G.

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About CTE Center for Research: Continuous Transformation Environment (CTE) Center for Research is a non-profit STEM-L organization founded by Thomas Preston, CEO of i2 Sentinel Associates, Inc. The first CTE Lab, located within the QTS Data Center in Sandston, VA, is a collaborative creation of Quality Technology Services (QTS) and i2 Sentinel Associates, Inc. CTE’s objective is to bring top IT experts together with leaders of US industry, government, and academia to collaboratively address the nation's most difficult technology challenges and drive sustainable IT reforms.

i2 Sentinel Associates, Inc.: i2 Sentinel was established to partner with and provide essential collaborative, design and advisory services to private and federal industry. The company addresses significant data and 'Information Integrity' challenges affecting choices in future technologies and operations. Establishing advanced transformational business processes and a review of sustained environments to measure and predict future needs is an essential part of i2 Sentinel's successful formula.

About BlackRidge Technology: BlackRidge Technology provides a breakthrough cybersecurity solution for protecting networks and cloud services. Our Identity Aware Networking solution and our patented Transport Access Control technology applies existing user and device identity to authenticate network sessions and apply security policy. By authenticating identity in the network and applying policy across network and cloud boundaries, BlackRidge can conceal and protect key resources, stop cyber-attacks and data exfiltration, improve network and security stack efficiency, and segment and isolate resources to increase security posture and compliance. BlackRidge was founded in 2010 to commercialize its patented identity-based network security technology.