A New Approach to Securing the Smart Grid with Identity-Based Network Security

BlackRidge Founder and CTO to Speak in NREL Smart Grid Educational Series Webinar

Reno, NV —June 13, 2016 – John Hayes, Founder and CTO of BlackRidge Technology, will be speaking at the first in a series of innovative cyber security technology showcases as part of the Energy Department's National Renewable Energy Lab (NREL) Smart Grid Educational Series webinar on Wednesday, June 15, 2016 at 1230pm PDT.

BlackRidge provides identity-based network security that stops cyber-attacks and protects against insider threats at the earliest possible time, on the first packet before network sessions are established. This provides the equivalent of secure caller ID for the network that allows only identified and authorized users or devices access to enterprise and cloud systems.

"The NREL Smart Grid Educational Series shares R&D results from our Energy Systems Integration Directorate at NREL and showcases our collaboration with public and private entities to secure critical infrastructure and build security and resilience in smart networks and applications," said Erfan Ibrahim, Director of the Cyber-Physical Systems Security and Resilience Center at the National Renewable Energy Lab. "We are pleased to have our partners present their new approaches to securing critical infrastructure with identity-based network security."

The electric utility distribution infrastructure is vulnerable to cyber-attacks as it evolves to become a smart grid. Internet protocols including TCP/IP have longstanding weaknesses that enable network scanning, reconnaissance and unauthenticated access to occur. Mr. Hayes will discuss why identity must be applied to protect smart grid networks to meet today’s cyber security challenges. Mr. Hayes will then give a brief overview of techniques that BlackRidge Technology has developed to enable Identity Networking on the Internet and how it positively impacts other cyber security technologies including analytics. Finally, the role of BlackRidge in segmenting networks and reducing the attack surfaces in the NREL cyber security and resilience testbed will be discussed.

For more information on this first of a series of innovative cyber security showcases from the NREL Smart Grid Educational Series and to register for the webinar click here.

More information on the NREL cyber security and resilience testbed and the role of BlackRidge in segmenting networks and reducing the attack surfaces in the testbed can be found in the white paper, A Layered Solution to Cybersecurity.

About BlackRidge Technology
BlackRidge Technology provides a new level of identity-based network and cyber security that was developed for the military to cloak and protect servers and segment networks. BlackRidge Transport Access Control authenticates identity and applies policy on the First Packet of network sessions. This provides a new and additive level of real-time protection that blocks or redirects unauthorized and unidentified traffic to stop known and unknown cyber-attacks, protects against insider and third party threats, and provides identity attribution. BlackRidge Technology was founded in 2010 to commercialize its military grade and patented identity-based network security technology. For more information, visit www.blackridge.us.