Enterprise Manager

Central Management of a Distributed Solution

Security operations and network security managers are looking for a secure and simplified solution to centrally manage BlackRidge gateways and endpoints with an intuitive dashboard and configuration capability. The BlackRidge Enterprise Manager (BEM) provides a unified console to configure and manage gateways and endpoints with a few simple clicks of mouse. Designed from the ground up with simplicity to optimize user experience while maintaining a strong security architecture, the BEM empowers a security manager with easy-to-implement rules and policies, and simple configuration setups with a single point of management access. Setup and control of BlackRidge gateways and endpoints with can now be completed in matter of minutes with complete control.

The BlackRidge Enterprise manager is implemented as a virtual appliance to more easily fit into your virtual and cloud environments, and it is designed with the ability to adapt to your future management requirements. Organizations of all sizes can leverage the BEM to manage from a single to hundreds of gateways and endpoints within their network, and accelerate time to deployment and changes to their security infrastructure.