Gateway for IBM Z

Adaptive Network Security and Cyber Defense for IBM Z

BlackRidge network security and cyber defense is available for IBM Z® to protect against today's advanced cyber-attacks and insider and third-party threats. The BlackRidge Gateway for IBM Z is a software appliance solution that has achieved the Ready for IBM Security Intelligence for z Systems validation.

Ready for Security Intelligence

Designed to further protect IBM Z or IBM LinuxONE™ workloads and to protect new cloud deployments such as commercial blockchains, the key use cases for BlackRidge include:

  • Real-time protection from insider threats and outside cyber attacks, including DDoS attacks
  • Protect distributed and hybrid cloud applications
  • Segment and isolate workloads to reduce risk and meet compliance

The BlackRidge Gateway for IBM Z is a self-contained, easy to deploy software appliance that runs on z/VM or IBM LinuxONE.

BlackRidge gateways can be used to isolate and protect workloads on any IBM Z system regardless of the operating system deployed (e.g. z/OS, z/Linux, VSE, z/VM®, and z/TPF). The BlackRidge gateway can isolate the mainframe workloads and administrative portals from any potential attacks originating from unauthorized internal users or from untrusted external devices. Individual engines can be isolated from other z Systems resource access or traffic essentially segmenting key applications or departmental assets for compliance.

BlackRidge software and systems are designed to be highly resilient and can be configured for high availability and fail-over. Security policies can be verified during deployment to ensure correction operation with progressive policy enforcement modes of bridge, monitor and audit, and then enforce mode.