TAC Identity Device

The challenge of securing industrial control systems and critical infrastructure devices can now be addressed with the BlackRidge Transport Access Control (TAC) product line. BlackRidge TAC lets organizations establish end-to-end trust by transporting identity through the stack – across already installed sensors to clouds and gateways – both cost-effectively and with minimal latency added to the network. The BlackRidge TAC Identity Device (TAC-ID) provides identity for authenticating network connections for both new and legacy equipment in factories, hospitals and critical infrastructure architectures, and it supports the secure convergence of OT and IT networks. The TAC-ID is ready out-of-the-box to be integrated with PTC’s ThingWorx® IIoT platform and Kepware industrial automation connectivity software.

How it Works

The BlackRidge TAC Identity Device (TAC-ID) is a two port in-line network device that runs embedded BlackRidge TAC endpoint software to provide identity for authenticating network connections. The TAC-ID inserts authenticated identity on behalf of attached IoT device and forwards traffic to the network and from the network to the connected IoT device.

The TAC-ID implements First Packet Authentication™ (FPA) to authenticate the connected device on first packet receipt in a TCP/IP session. FPA protects data and network applications by concealing network applications from port scans, network reconnaissance, and intrusion, while allowing authenticated devices to access network applications and resources normally. This provides innovative, proactive protection to network resources by preventing attackers from performing reconnaissance of high-value and mission-critical network assets and by denying them the ability to communicate anonymously.

Secure Legacy Environments

The hardware systems used in OT environments typically has a shelf life of a decade or longer, meaning the organizations tasked with operating and managing critical infrastructure must find a way to protect legacy equipment that is incompatible with modern network security technologies and vulnerable to today’s cyber threats. BlackRidge allows organizations to start securing their OT networks today – either by installing the TAC-ID device into the network or integrating our TAC software endpoint in their current infrastructure – with minimal cost and latency impact.

TAC-ID for Partners

The TAC-ID is designed to be deployed in IT and OT infrastructure both indoors and outdoors – from sensors in manufacturing plants to medical devices in hospitals – that need to be protected from today’s cyber threats.

The TAC-ID software is available to be integrated into partners' devices. Partners can start using the TAC-ID device today while they plan for future integration of TAC software into their systems.