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Network devices, servers, cloud  systems are a critical and indispensable part of any government or military organization. These systems support a real-time information fabric, necessary for their ongoing missions and operations.

Today, more than ever, government agencies need to provide a higher level of cyber defenses against the constant and nation state cyber-attacks.Government entities rely heavily on the integrity and performance of their online services to carry out their agency's missions and operations. The protection of these systems and data is essential to preventing disruptions of regular operations, and more importantly, to secure against any type of data loss.

The relentless nature of daily security threats that governments worldwide face - general Internet malware, targeted attacks, never-ending network probes, denial of service attacks, etc. - has led to the deployment of a complicated mesh of security solutions (IDS, IPS, Firewalls, Antivirus, Web filters, Patching Systems, etc.), each of which need to be maintained, updated, tuned and supported.

With this defense-in-depth approach, system breaches still occur. A new approach is actively being sought - that new approach starts at the connection to the Internet itself. Simply relying on existing security measures is pointless.

Unique Solution Value

BlackRidge Transport Access Control (TAC) acts as a liaison between the chaos of the Internet and a government agency’s network, preventing all unapproved traffic from even knocking on the network’s front door, authenticating every network connection on the first packet. The result is an immediate and tangible reduction in the malicious, unwanted traffic that pose the bulk of cyber threats today. Only pre-authorized, documented connections are allowed, all of which are managed via a highly scalable and secure provisioning system. Government agencies can now operate with confidence that their online services will be available, with their information protected – system wide. This is especially true for intra-agency communications; dedicated BlackRidge TAC deployments can create secure bridges between agencies, with little to no maintenance required.

The benefits from this deterministic level of protection spans from headquarters to the field and the Internet of Things, ensuring critical communication channels and processes remain open with integrity, while protecting the information government agencies rely upon.

BlackRidge provides a new approach to high assurance micro-segmentation and cloud security to protect against the advanced persistent threats that government agencies face every day. DoD and Civilian Agencies benefit from the broad applicability of our products and technology, including:

  • Real-time protection with no unauthorized awareness of systems and networks - you can't attack what you can't see.
  • Real-time logging of all policy actions with identity attribution, for earliest possibly detection of attacks, and for forensics and compliance reporting.
  • DDoS protection and higher performing networks and systems as a result of the excess traffic being filtered out.