Healthcare organizations are increasingly subject to cyber-attacks, given their high value patient information.  Patient data and health care systems must be aggressively secured, to not only protect business and customer relationships, but also to meet the ever-increasing compliance demands being placed on health providers, like HIPAA.

Unique Solution Value

BlackRidge enables healthcare organizations to secure their networks and systems, maintain compliance with critical regulations such as HIPAA while maintaining transparent operation for doctors and healthcare professionals. BlackRidge Transport Access Control (TAC) prevents all unapproved traffic from even knocking on your network’s front door, authenticating every connection on the first packet. 

BlackRidge TAC provides scalable, proactive protection against threats for networks that house sensitive patient records. TAC closes attack vectors by allowing only authorized and authenticated inbound and outbound network sessions. TAC cloaks servers, critical assets and network applications from unauthorized users, attackers and malware. With its integrated policy engine, TAC reduces unwanted traffic within networks and can be used for internal protection against data egress, botnets and other malware. Furthermore, by shielding the network and systems from unauthorized and unnecessary traffic burdens, further efficiencies – lower cost, increased productivity, and more stringent compliance – are realized.

Our healthcare and life sciences customers enjoy a wide-range of benefits from our solutions, including:

  • Ease of Use: drop-in deployment with no changes to existing applications or infrastructure
  • Data Breach and Loss Prevention: Real-time protection against hackers and malicious insiders targeting sensitive data and communications channels. 
  • Regulatory Compliance: An easy to deploy, cost-effective route to compliance with policy-based network access command and control.
  • Performance Gains: Higher performing networks and underlying systems as a result of the excess traffic burden being alleviated.