Media & Entertainment

Media and Entertainment companies must protect the intellectual property that drives their business: soon-to-be released movies, music and video games that set them apart from their competitors, and content entrusted to them by their partners and clients.  When those assets are leaked or stolen, it translates into billions of dollars in losses annually for these companies. 

The Internet and mobile access has removed traditional geographic boundaries and distribution limitations for media and entertainment (M&E) companies, unlocking powerful new distribution channels for them. This accessibility also compounds the need for strong information security and protection against cyber-attacks.

Unique Solution Value

BlackRidge identity-based cyber defense acts to isolate your network, data center or cloud deployment from the chaos of the Internet, preventing all unauthorized traffic from even knocking on your servers’ front door.

The result is an immediate and tangible reduction in risk by eliminating the malicious, unwanted traffic that poses the bulk of cyber threats today, and also protects against insider threats. The very existence of your critical content that your business is based upon is cloaked from an attackers view. They cannot attack and steal what they cannot see. M&E companies can now operate with confidence that their unique intellectual property and content have an additional layer of protection from today's advanced threats.

With security policies based on your identity management system, only pre-authorized connections are allowed, all of which are managed via a highly scalable and secure system. The result is an innovative layer of protection against the advanced threats that content rich companies face every day. Our M&E partners and customers enjoy a wide-range of benefits from our product, including:

  • Data Breach and Loss Prevention: Real-time protection against hackers and malicious insiders targeting the valuable content and communications channels that media and entertainment companies rely on. 
  • Secure B2B communications with delivery partners: Leveraging identity-based access, secure communication channels are created between the content provider and the delivery network.
  • Protection against compromised insiders and third-party vendor threats with every network connection attempt logged to your security event management system.