Network Security

The consumer and enterprise worlds are merging with mobile, clouds, and the Internet of Things (IoT). Communication anytime, anywhere is not only a requirement for many businesses, it has become a corporate mandate. In many organizations, accessibility has become as much, if not more a requirement as availability.

While businesses are embracing mobility and the IoT, they are still unsure how to implement security policies that are needed for mobile and enterprise endpoints connecting distributed cloud services, and for the volume of endpoints and devices.

Unique Solution Value

BlackRidge addresses these problems by using your existing user or device identity to authenticate TCP connections and apply policy access to mobile and cloud resources. BlackRidge isolates your devices and services from the ‘wild west’ of malicious Internet traffic while allowing connection to your enterprise networks, data centers and cloud services. BlackRidge does this by preventing all unidentified and unauthorized traffic from even knocking on a server's front door, authenticating every connection on the first packet. This is a new level of protection not offered by today’s network security technologies that works across network and cloud boundaries.

Built on our patented Transport Access Control (TAC) technology, BlackRidge stops unwanted network traffic from scanning and entering networks and connecting to servers. Our customers enjoy a wide-range of benefits including:

  • Resilient Systems: Absolute protection from unwanted inbound traffic, including Denial of Service attacks.  This results in higher performing networks and underlying systems as a result of alleviating the excess traffic burden. 
  • Data Breach and Loss Prevention: Real-time protection against hackers and malicious insiders targeting the communications channels that their downstream customers rely upon.
  • Secure Communications: Leveraging the policy-based access, BlackRidge provides secure communication channels between the device and the delivery network.